Scout Hammock Combi

Scout Hammock Combi
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Scout Hammock Combi


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Model: Scout Hammock Combi
Manufacturer: Exped
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The Scout Hammock Combi merges versatility and comfort. Made for all seasons and all regions you may want to travel to.  Enjoy the satisfaction of swinging outdoors, daydreaming or sleeping. Scout Hammock Combi includes a large sized hammock with mat sleeve, mosquito net and a tarp with guylines and cords.


- The Tarp has a seamless design and made of heavily PU coated taffeta nylon for waterproof performance. It also works well as a sun roof.

- Numerous guyline loops for easy set up and the ridge loops attach directly to the slits of the hammock cords. All the necessary guylines are packed into sewn on cord stuffsacks that keep lines sorted.

- Tow interior stash pockets take up personal items such as books, headtorches, glasses etc

- The hammock has a double floor. This prevents bugs from stinging through the fabric but als does double duty as a sleeping mat sleeve. It holds the mat in place preventing it from shifting around. Anyone who has spent a night in a hammock is familiar with the fact that it can feel cold at night when one’s back is pressed into the fabric and every cool breeze is felt. The double floor also increases durability and stability of the hammock.

- Easy access: A generous zipper runs the length of the hammock simplifying entry and exit of Scout Hammock Combi.

- Roomy mosquito net: The mosquito net has wide dimensions and volume. Included bungee cords and 3 fabric sleeves can be used to hold a stick or trekking pole segments in order to adjust the net to your needs and keeping the net and insects away from your body. The large volume improves the interior climate and reduces heat. The dark color of the net is good for visibility inside out but also offers privacy.

- Simple set up: The included slit cords ensure quick set up and simple tear down.

- Sleeves at both ends can be used to slide in a stick or bar making the hammock wide and flat. For this 4 slitted ropes are included.

- Weight: Hammock & Cord 1200g / Tarp & guylines 500g / Packsack 40g / Packed 1740g

- Size: Tarp 3.50 x 1.50m / Hammock 3.00 x 1.40m

- Packed 45 x 18cm

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