Sioux UL 100

Sioux UL 100
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Sioux UL 100


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Model: Sioux UL 100
Manufacturer: Vaude
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Sioux synthetic fill bags are warm, breathable and easy to maintain, and they offer the most attractive price-to-performance ratio of all VAUDE bags. The Sensofiber microfiber fill reflects body warmth while it transports moisture outward, ensuring an excellent microclimate. Like all synthetic fill bags, Sensofiber insulates even when damp, is quick drying, easy to take care of and long lasting.

The summer sleeping bag Sioux UL 100 weighing just 450 grams is extremely lightweight and small, with a thermal tolerance of +13 C is above all good for traveling and hut hopping tours.


- Weight: 500g

- Length: 210cm

- Packed Size: Min 18x12cm / Max 25x8cm (very small)

- Extreme: +3 C

- Comfort: +16 C

- Limit: +13 C

Technical Data:

- Shell: 100% PES 40D 290T RS

- Lining: 100% PA 40D 240T

- Filling: 100% PES Hollow Fiber 40g/m 

Sensofiber - Sensofiber is a special microfiber that reflects body heat of the sleeping person. Heat loss due to radiation is very low because of this property. The fine fiber structure of Sensofiber quickly transports moisture outward. This helps to create a comfortable microclimate inside the sleeping bag for a good night’s sleep. Like all synthetic fibers, Sensofiber insulates when wet, dries quickly, is long lasting and durable and uncomplicated to maintain.

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Sioux UL 100
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Sioux UL 100
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