Singletrack 1030 Bike Light

Singletrack 1030 Bike Light
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Singletrack 1030 Bike Light


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Model: Singletrack 1030
Manufacturer: Silva
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This is a premium sport bike light for advanced mountain biking. With an output of 1030 true lumens combined with the Silva Intelligent Light® System, Singletrack will never be the weak link in your exercise routine or mountain-bike race.

Lithium battery technology and light distribution optimized for advanced high-speed sessions in complete darkness will deliver a truly unique feel for as long as you have the stamina. With an aggressive design that reflects the activities it’s built for, Singletrack will complete your bike.


- Battery life: 20h

- Light output: 1030 lumens

- Light distance: 140m

- Weight: headlamp 135g

- Water resistance:IPX6 (Heavy splashing and rain)

- Beam pattern: Intelligent Light®

Silva Intelligent Light® is a light distribution technology. It combines a wide angle flood light with a long reach spot light. The unique light image gives the user peripheral and long distance vision at the same time. For a runner, cross country skier or mountain biker this translates into less head movement, increased control, better balance and more speed.

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Singletrack 1030 Bike Light
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Singletrack 1030 Bike Light
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