PAVE 550 Bike Light

PAVE 550 Bike Light
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PAVE 550 Bike Light


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Model: PAVE 550
Manufacturer: Silva
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For advanced road cyclists and mountain bikers one thing is clear: operating in the murky light of dawn or dusk requires a light with the power to endure. Silva’s new Pavé bike light answers the call.

The Silva Pavé is an extremely lightweight and compact bike light with great light output for the advanced mountain biker or road biker. The lamp unit is in aluminum for optimal cooling. Two high power LEDs provide you with Silva Intelligent Light – light where you need it. Silva Pavé can be worn on your helmet or mounted on the bike handlebar.

The integrated rubber strap makes it extremely easy to mount and dismount to the handlebar. No extra tools needed. An external rechargeable battery pack that can be attached to the bike frame, ensures you have enough power for your evening or early morning bike ride. Pavé has a large on/off button that is easy to operate even when wearing gloves.


- Battery life: 10h

- Light output: 550 lumens

- Light distance: 90m

- Weight: headlamp 50g

- Water resistance:IPX6 (Heavy splashing and rain)

- Beam pattern: Intelligent Light®

Silva Intelligent Light® is a light distribution technology. It combines a wide angle flood light with a long reach spot light. The unique light image gives the user peripheral and long distance vision at the same time. For a runner, cross country skier or mountain biker this translates into less head movement, increased control, better balance and more speed.

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PAVE 550 Bike Light
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